is no more...
posted on 24-2-2008
Due to the lack of any use, and the move to a non-reseller type server, the services have been terminated. If you are wondering where your site went, I have a complete backup from December 2007.

I guess I'd have to remove the Hostedz section and update the FAQ. Maybe some other time :P
New Feature!!!
posted on 8-8-2005
I added a new little funky thingie. The amount of outgoing links are now registered :^)
It's up!
posted on 20-7-2005
Hi everyone, and welcome to! I got the site up and running, using PHP and XHTML and CSS and PNG... :o~ ^_^

Feel free to look around. It's not much, but there's not much to tell :^)

Oh yeah, the hostedz images aren't up yet. I'll make some nice ones some other time.